• Software Support

    Price (inc VAT): £96.00

    Please select the quantity of hours you have been told your support will take and follow the payment process.

    If you would like to avoid these one off costs then please consider taking a Merlin Software Support contract where support is covered with no extra costs. For more information please contact Vickie

    E: vickie@merlinsoft.co.uk
    T: 01226 294413

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  • You Don't Get Many Drugs for a Cauliflower - The...

    Price (inc VAT): £10.00

    You don't get many drugs for a cauliflower" is a publication which allows any type of retailer an opportunity to maximise the performance of their business. It offers an insight into 35 years of the author's experience in the retail sector and the lessons learned. It contains information on how to be successful and also examples and exercises of how to improve the performance of any retail business, irrespective of size or type. It is a workbook which can be used on a regular basis to keep the business effective, efficient and profitable. Read More
  • Labels

    Price (inc VAT): £97.20

    38.1mm x 25.4mm low tack thermal
    1 box = 12 rolls (2580 per roll)
    26cm x 26cm x 22cm
    £81 per box

    37.15mm x 31.75mm low tack thermal
    1 box = 12 rolls (2100 per roll)
    26cm x 26cm x 22cm
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  • Membership Cards

    Price (inc VAT): £40.79

    Membership cards:
    500 blank plastic cards
    43cm x 10cm x 6cm

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  • Till rolls - 80mm Direct Thermal

    Price (inc VAT): £30.00

    80mm direct thermal
    1 box = 20 rolls
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